Weathering the Storm: Creating a Severe Weather Plan for Your Aircraft

severe weather

Spring brings the beauty of rebirth and renewal, but for pilots and aircraft owners, it also heralds a season of unpredictable and often severe weather. In Middle Tennessee, we are familiar with sudden rainstorms, tornadoes, and high winds, each posing a significant threat to your aircraft’s safety and integrity. Most pilots have heard tales of […]

How Much Is Insurance for a Cessna?

insuring a Cessna

The Cessna stands out among light aircraft as a symbol of aviation passion and prowess. Whether you’re a budding pilot or a seasoned flyer, owning a Cessna 172 is a remarkable experience. But with ownership comes responsibility, and a key part of that is ensuring your aircraft is properly insured. The Factors Influencing Insurance Costs […]

Can I Land My Plane on My Property?

private airstrip

For aviation enthusiasts, the ultimate dream often includes the ability to take off and land right at their doorstep. Having a private airstrip or runway on your property is more than a luxury; it’s about convenience and the love of flying. But can you land your plane on your property? The answer is yes, with […]

Insuring a Falcon Aircraft

falcon jet

In the high-flying world of private aviation, Falcon jets represent the pinnacle of engineering excellence and luxury. Renowned for their cutting-edge technology and extraordinary engineering standards, Falcon jets are more than a stylish way to travel privately; they also symbolize sophistication and efficiency. Their advanced features and comfort are so exceptional that even the French […]

Fractional Private Jet Ownership

fractional private jet ownership

The thrill of owning a private jet is undeniable – setting your preferred travel schedule, bypassing the chaos of packed commercial planes and basking in an unparalleled luxury experience. Still, the financial commitment can be a deterrent, especially if you don’t fly frequently enough to justify the cost. Fractional private jet ownership combines convenience and […]

Insuring a Cessna Citation Jet

Cessna Citation

Air travelers have an array of choices. While commercial flights can be convenient, airlines focus on increasing profits by packing more passengers into each plane, causing a crowded, noisy and stressful experience. Choosing to own a private jet like the Cessna Citation offers significant advantages over flying business class or even first class on a […]

What Is a Sport Pilot?

sport pilot

The open skies have always beckoned to those with a passion for flight. In 2007, the FAA introduced the sport pilot certificate, an innovative approach designed to make the thrill of flying more accessible and affordable for everyone. Let’s explore this exciting realm of aviation. The Sport Pilot Revolution The sport pilot certificate offers a […]