Helicopter Rental Insurance

When you rent a helicopter, you take on a responsibility that goes beyond piloting the aircraft. Non-owned aviation insurance is a must-have to protect yourself, the helicopter, your passengers, and others. Ingram Aviation Insurance offers cost-effective, understandable policies that are easy to purchase and quick to set up, letting you take to the sky without unnecessary delays.

The Importance of Non-Owned Aircraft Insurance

Non-owned aircraft insurance is a must-have in several typical scenarios.

  • Chartering aircraft: When you charter a helicopter and the company provides a pilot.
  • Student pilots: Taking flying lessons in someone else’s helicopter.
  • Flight instructors: Giving lessons in a customer’s or a flight school’s helicopter.
  • Aircraft loans: Borrowing or renting a helicopter for personal or business use.
  • Aircraft delivery and maintenance: Insurance is crucial if you’re test-flying a helicopter post-maintenance or delivering one for someone else.
  • Fixed-base operator services: Providing instruction or other services in a helicopter that belongs to someone else.

What Does Helicopter Rental Insurance Cover?

Helicopter rental insurance provides several critical protections:

  • Bodily injury: Covers injuries to bystanders and passengers and may help with legal defense fees if someone sues you.
  • Property damage: Covers damage to other people’s property.
  • Aircraft damage: Covers damage to the helicopter.


Types of aircraft damage liability coverage include the following:

  •  Ground and flight: Covers almost any peril whether the helicopter is flying or grounded, unless specifically excluded.
  •  Not in flight: Protects against damage occurring on the ground, whether the helicopter is moving or stationary.
  •  Not in motion: Offers coverage when the helicopter is on the ground and not moving.


While liability insurance is mandatory, hull coverage is an optional but highly recommended addition. Passenger injury coverage is also crucial.

Get the coverage you need at mach speed

How Much Coverage Do You Need?

It’s wise to have bodily injury liability limits of at least $200,000 per passenger, and up to $1 million for all injuries in an incident. For hull coverage, consider the highest-value helicopter you might rent and ensure your policy covers up to this amount.

Is Insurance Required for Helicopter Rentals?

Yes, especially when using fixed-base operator services. FBOs often require proof of insurance before allowing rentals or solo flights. They might also mandate that student pilots have insurance before undertaking any solo training. Non-owner helicopter insurance can provide coverage for the aircraft owner’s deductible in the event of an accident during training or rental.

Fly Safely With Comprehensive Coverage From Ingram Aviation Insurance

Renting a helicopter involves potential risks, from minor accidents to significant incidents. With Ingram Aviation Insurance, you can obtain helicopter rental insurance that exceeds the usual requirements, covering all aspects of your flight. Our products provide peace of mind, allowing you to focus on the joy of flying without the worry of financial repercussions from unforeseen events.

Contact Ingram Aviation Insurance today to learn more about helicopter rental insurance. We’re here to help you get the best policy and prepare you for the freedom of flight.

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